Top Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Trends in 2016

Looking ahead to 2016, Marketing & advertising industry is always changing. It’s important to know the facts, trends and market to be prepared. it’s obvious that some particular trends are surely going to mark out the next four quarters. Let’s have a look on Top Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Trends in 2016

Top Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Trends in 2016

Mobile dominates Desktop

2015 has been entitled as the year of mobile, and it has been predicted that it’ll dominate again in 2016.  Last year, the Google searches took place more on mobile devices and smartphones than on desktops in the US along with 9 other countries. Google also announced new algorithm update “Mobilegeddon” to focus and give priority to mobile-friendly websites. In 2016 and beyond, Mobile traffic will continue to rise, thus offering a good opportunity for marketers to reach out more targets through their devices. Since traffic from mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, etc. continues to grow, businesses and marketers have to make sure that they have robust mobile marketing tactics to reach out their audience and indeed stay ahead of the digital curve.

Video Marketing will become more crowded and get complicated
Now there’s no more need of posting your company’s video to YouTube and get it syndicate across different social networking platforms. Today, the videos must be well-optimized for every platform to enhance the probabilities of success. Each video has to be reshaped as Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Vine or Tumblr Videos. Its important that videos must be tailored and well-optimized according to each platform. Since Virtual reality trend is in rise this year, and live-streaming reaping more focus, pushing out the content will eventually get exponentially more complex.

Advertising Gets Personal

At the starting of this year, Google announced Customer Match, which lets marketers upload  accessible contact lists for targeting through search. This targeting alternative is also available for both Twitter and Facebook advertising. It means that businesses can now easily target customers or potential lists using social ads and paid search, and deliver particular messages to them based on where they are in the sales funnel.

Also, since the Apple joined the war on interruptive ads and employ of ad-blocking software has grown 48% in merely a year, businesses will be more compelled in shifting their focus to influencer campaign, native advertising, and social media. Content, including advertorial and native, is predicted to experience rates grow strongly over in the upcoming years.

According to WARC-MMA Survey Report, 2015, Display advertising is also expected to lose some significance over this period, falling from 69% adoption in India today to 52% in five years, although it will still be the most-used channel. Content, including native and ‘advertorial’, is expected to see adoption rates rise strongly over the coming years.- Digital Marketing Industry Report India 2016

Videos Marketing in Demand

Everywhere on the Internet, it can be seen how important video marketing has turned on! Additionally, a video is going to be a crucial element in content marketing strategies. Using videos, businesses can educate and engage their audience in a good way. Videos can be used to give a personality and face to brands, which can develop trust and loyalty. In 2016, Google is going to start adding video ads into search engine results as well.

Video ads are not a new concept anymore, but in 2016, they are expected to be even more dominated. For one, Bing and Facebook in the recent times have offered video options to marketers. Most importantly, since Google will incorporate video content in its search engine algorithm, it has turned out to be an extremely significant step for online video ads.

Social Advertising

In the event you’re using social advertisements as a supplement to your digital marketing tactic, 2016 is the year to invest your hard earned bucks in a comprehensive social media marketing campaign strategy. According to eMarketer, ad expanding on internet sites may surpass $35.98 million by the end of 2017; sales for 16 percent of universal digital marketing invest. If the social marketing budgets grow, certainly the competition will also become much stronger. Do not overlook this chance to achieve, engage and convert your target groups. With more accurate targeting possibilities, it is possible to achieve your specific market according to place, age, sex, work title, business, passions, behaviors, and e-mail databases or website visitors.

Rise of Virtual Reality 

You can find tons of different virtual reality (VR) gears set-to launch in the next couple of years, a few of them are committed for special uses like PC games, and the others that can be found for the general purpose. Oculus Rift, potentially the most hyped VR apparatus, is all ready to launch in the 1st quarter of 2016. Oculus Rift and other VR gears may expose a whole new method of online advertising, with incorporation to popular social networking platforms, direct messaging, video channels and others. There is always an opportunity VR can fizzle as a short-term trend, however, there are billions of dollars of funds in limbo, willing to wager otherwise.

IoT (Internet of Things) & Wearables Devices will get more momentum.

The first-generation smartwatch “Apple Watch”, was launched this year and competitive smartwatches are planned to launch soon in 2016. Worldwide, customer uptake of wearables is likely to increase by 35 percent annually between 2015 and 2019 that may possess a big effect on advertising techniques. As the gear’s screens are really so little app and web content needs to be smaller, favoring a “listicle” structure on a normal post format. Wearables additionally need online entrepreneurs to consider the best way to offer beneficial “on the go” information, in addition to creating articles that are readily searchable through voice commands.



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