SEO Software Full Reviews 2016 – Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider

Introduction of Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider: It is basically a small desktop program that can install locally on any machine and helps webmasters to spider links, images, CSS, scripts and apps from an SEO perspective. If you are reading this, chances are you are considering purchasing a licensed version of the screaming frog SEO spider tool. And that is because SEO is the life blood of your business and the most potent and effective way to take your business forward in this highly competitive digital world.

Features of Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider

  • By fetching key onsite elements for SEO and presenting them in tabs by type, it can help in informed decision making by exporting all the data into an Excel.
  • The data that has been filtered, crawled, gathered can be updated simultaneously in the program’s user interface.
  • Auditing, crawling and analyzing a site from an SEO perspective becomes easy through this tool.
  • Especially useful for auditing medium to large sized portals where manual checking for missing redirects, Meta refresh, duplicate page issues will be impossible to detect.

This tool will also be helpful in cases where:

  • 500 URI crawl limit is removed, saving and uploading crawls, accessing all configuration options, connecting to Google analytics API and pulling in data directly during a crawl.
  • Searching for anything in the source code becomes a whole lot easier and data collection from the html of a URL using css path, xpath, regex also gets easier.
  • Purchasing the licensed version of this tool is recommended as you can get technical support for any issues with the software.


  • There are more tools in the market at lower prices
  • Limitations with regard to number of users
  • Stiff competition from moz

Limitations: Link analysis, keyword analysis, keyword difficulty scores are not yet offered. You need other tools in combination with this tool to get it right.

Comparison with other software’s

Whether you have purchased the licensed version or installed the free version, there is a lot of data that you will find which this software collects including but not limited to:

  • Errors, redirects, blocked urls, external links, protocols referring to the security of data whether they are http or https, the latter being more secure.
  • URI issues, duplicate pages, page titles, meta description, meta keywords, file size, response time, word count, page-depth level, last modified header, missing H1 tags, meta robots, meta refresh, canonical link elements, canonical http headers.
  • Whether or not the spider respects Google’s Ajax crawling mechanism.
  • Inbound links, outbound links coming to and going out from the website which is important in order to know the real value of the website. And whether the website is getting quality links from high quality sources or not.

Conclusion: The above features listed above surely make this tool, the preferred SEO tool for SEO practitioners. Overall efficiency of the SEO team shoots up with such a tool by their side. They will feel more confident and can execute more amount of work in a limited amount of time. In order to make the best possible SEO recommendations for a site, SEO experts need to have the right kind of data in their hands which is possible only through this tool.

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