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Press Release Submission as Effective Digital Marketing Tool in India

The growth of E-commerce in the recent years is a clear indication that the trend of digital marketing is increasing. Besides E-commerce companies other companies with big customer range also needs digital marketing as a tool to promote their business. In India, the demand for online marketing has increased exponentially and is continuing to do so. All the companies need an online presence for surviving in the highly competitive market. With the help of internet, you can reach out to a much larger range of customers and also provide the correct information about your services.

One of the best forms of digital marketing procedure for Indian business owners and entrepreneurs is Press Release submission in India. It is a written form of communication where it publicizes about the company and also announces any significant event that has occurred. The press release is directed at the media agencies so that they can spread the information around. Since media is the best way of communicating with the general public so Press Release Distribution in India is a very effective way of expanding your business. It not only gives a good exposure to your company but also increases the chances of profit making. It is very beneficial for a startup or growing the small business.

Some benefits of Press Release Marketing  in India:

Giving your business an online presence has several benefits:

  • Minimal Overheads: While conventional media sources such as newspapers and radios can charge a big advertising fee while some websites like Tenxlive.com offer Press Release submission Services in India almost free of cost or minimal fee that is more effective.
  • Expanded Geographical Reach: India is a huge market with a wide scope of customers. With the help of Press Release Distribution in India, a local business can get nationwide, and even international coverage for their product and services.
  • Increased Exposure: Few Press Release submission Site in India such as Tenxlive.com offers search engine optimized press release, so your press release is bound to catch the attention of a lot of customers. Your business gets an increased visibility through Press Release submission Service.
  • Constant Promotion of your Business: Free and Paid Press Release submission Sites are open 24/7, which means you business would get promoted even while you are sleeping.

Some People might think that a small business does not require online marketing or press releases services. Truth is, any business with the potential of making profits through the consumers should emphasize on digital marketing. You can describe your entire business in few words and then spread it everywhere simply with the help of Press Release Submission and Distribution Service in India & whole world.

Importance of Press Release in Digital Marketing

Some specific guidelines should be followed while writing a press release. It should always maintain the specified guidelines to make sure that it creates an effective impression on the customers. The following elements should be present While writing Press Release for your business.

  • Headline – The headline is a single sentence statement that announces what the news is. A company’s news can be a new product or service, new feature, new website, new office location, new employee, a new award.
  • Date– The release date is mentioned along with the name of the city of its origin.
  • Body– The body of the press release expands on the “Who, What, When, Where, How and Why” of the announcement or news. The details in a press release should be limited to the “facts” about the announcement or news. Opinion, fluff or hype is not appropriate.
  • Close – We have to add “###” at the bottom of each press release to signify the end. Alternative characters like XYZ or ‘end’ is also used.
  • Media contact information– name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or other contact information for the PR or other media relations contact person.

 Never write a press release as if you are trying to sell to the reader. Press releases that resemble a sales letter are considered to be “press release spam” and will create more harm than good. Remember that the purpose of Press Release Marketing is to announce your news in India, not sell.

The details in a press release should be limited to the “facts” about the announcement or news. Opinion, fluff or hype is not appropriate. Statements about how the product or service is the most amazing innovation ever invented should not be included. It is important that readers form this opinion by themselves by reading the details (facts) in the press release.

Tips for Press Release Marketing in India

There are different ways of press release distribution in India. While newspapers and voice media is commonly used, the use of Press Release Submission Site is also being used widely nowadays. Generally, the company hires a publicity agency to create the content and then it is sent to a journalist or the editors of newspapers or other e-media forums. Then the press release is published and available to see for the potential customers. Company can also directly submit press release or news by sending an email or submitting online on the press release submission website. The growing the popularity of press release as an effective marketing tool has resulted in a lot of Press Release Submissions in India.

Growing Numbers of Free and Paid Press Release Submission Sites India

Seeing the huge demand for Press Releases distribution in India, a number of Press Release Submission Site in India has emerged to facilitate the companies in growing their business. They will provide you with excellent service with minimal charges. Also, they ensure that the Press Release Submission is reaching the target clients who can benefit from it. Online press release distribution in India allows you to target specific groups of people suitable for your business. They use a number of search optimization techniques to ensure better chances of them reaching the public. 

 Why is Press Release Marketing the best form of Digital marketing?

There are other methods of digital marketing as well through which you can promote your business. Then why is press release considered as the best form of online publicity? Well, the reason is the public often views the information in a press release as credible and genuine. People trust the Press Releases since they contain all the correct facts and features. So, one should always look for a reputed Press Release Submission Service. The online media sources have a wide range of clients and visitors which increases the chances of your business getting noticed. So, press release marketing in India is the best form of digital marketing.

So, it’s time that you make your business grow through Press Release Marketing . Press Release Submissions are becoming more and more popular and yielding excellent results for thousand of business companies who have opted for press release Marketing. In order to ensure that your press release reaches the targeted clients, choose the Press Release submission Site India which gives maximum exposure to your business. A little bit of publicity can provide you with potentially numerous customers. With the help of a press release., you can directly communicate with your potential customers. There is a huge market to explore and you can do it with the help of online solutions in the form of press release submissions.

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