Digital media strategies are being used in all political campaign and political parties are spending lots of time and resources to mobilise voters.

If you are Looking for guidance on getting started on the web for your political career or political party, you  Need to market your political campaign website. If You Want more online exposure.  Our Political consulting services could help.

We can help:

  • Optimise your website for search engines.

  • Set up Google Analytics and Google/Bing Webmaster accounts.

  • Initial link-building to build website traffic and rankings.

  • Answer questions and help you set up other aspects of your online campaign.

  • Online opposition research.

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Whatsapp marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Help create and syndicate online press releases.

  • Help set up, launch and maintain your social media program.

  • Data Research and Analytics to Find the theme and issue to win elections

  • Help set up and launch an effective email campaign.

  • Find the right online advertising solutions to match your constituency and budget.

  • Display Advertising

  • Google Adwords

  • Facebook Ads

  • Act as a resource for questions or issues with your online campaign.

Social media is creating a strong ground for political campaigns because it allows politicians to talk directly with voters, this trend is going to grow exponentially. Facebook and Twitter reach millions of people & gives the personal touch. Using social media, politicians can connect personally with voters than traditional media.

Digital marketing has become essential to politicians and political parties in India. India is world’s largest democracy. Through digital marketing, political parties can have connect millions of people in a cost-effective way. Political Parties are using Big Data to influence voters in political election campaigns besides Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts and YouTube. Political parties are working to separate the population on the basis of gender, Facebook and Twitter users and the mode of Internet access – mobile, computer, tablet, etc. They use different appropriate strategies based on the data collected.

Hire Political Marketing Consultant & Online Media Strategist India

The works of a political consultant can be listed as follows –

Sentiment and Requirement Analysis:

  • To analyses the data available for opinion polls, media information, sociological studies, electoral facts and other relevant historical data to capture the sentiment of the potential voters.
  • To analyses needs, wishes and expectations of the public.
    to create the campaign design and promotion of his client.

Strength and Weakness Analysis (of candidate or party): To conduct study & research to find the strengths and weaknesses of the party or party’s other candidates.

Competitor Analysis: To find the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors by using all available data
to predict competitor’s future moves and strategies.

Design the Campaign Strategy:

  • To design the campaign strategy with immediate goals and objectives to targeted public segment.
  • To prepare marketing strategy, position, media plan, agenda and detailed time plan.

Empowering Candidate or party by creating the public image: To propose strategies, plans and ideas and executes the entire campaign process through posters, leaflets, TV shows, radio bites.

Crisis management – how to manage attacks- both personal and profession, reduce damage and channelize the rival’s aggression to prove his client’s supremacy

Political Services – Digital Marketing, Online Election Campaigns, Data Analytics

If you are looking to hire a political campaign manager and political marketing consultant to manage your online marketing, social media campaigns, I would be happy to work as Digital marketing Strategist and Advertising Consultant for your political party.

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    Political parties such as the Congress, the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are using advanced social listening, reputation management and analysis tools to identify and nurture social media influencers. They are already using digital management platforms to analyse the data, SMS tools for targeted messaging (to a specific state or body of people, for instance) and advanced algorithms that can determine the age, demographics and location of the targeted voters.

    Central and state media cells of the Political parties tell their position and takes on various issues and communicate this to communication groups in each parliamentary constituency. Even regional parties such as the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is adopting such techniques to gain advantage online.

    With increasing social media usage and growing internet penetration due to increased usage of smartphones, digital media gives the perfect platform for political parties to reach voters worldwide. The use of digital and social media increases the reach of communication efforts and allows targeting the audiences.

    Send you requirement using the below form.

    If you are Looking for guidance on getting started on the web for your political career or political party, you  Need to market your political campaign website. If You Want more online exposure.  Our Political consulting services could help.