SEO Software Full Reviews 2016 – Open Site Explorer

Introduction of Open Site Explorer

For the uninitiated, open site explorer is a great tool that is an integrated suite offering a cluster of SEO tools which when used in conjunction can help internet marketers get great insights and launch extremely successful digital marketing campaigns.

Features: Open Site Explorer tool is mostly used by technical services and analytics teams who have the crucial task of management reporting with regard to the accounts they are handling. Through Open Site Explorer tool, you can explore link building strategies for new sites and compare the kind of inbound links you have and your competition has.  Armed with this information you can tweak your internet marketing campaigns and change alt text, anchor tags, meta tags. The most important feature of this tool is the domain authority tool which analyses a site’s strength in the search engines vis a vis other sites in the same industry vertical.

Pros: Since Open Site Explorer offers the facility to export its results to an excel work book, it takes half of the hassles away from the desk of SEO managers who otherwise had to spent effort in making manual reports. It can see the inbound links coming towards a website and makes comparisons a breeze with competitive sites. Also shows the keywords from where the link is coming from.

Cons: Much better suited as a d software for a company that is using a primarily link building strategy and is still in the early stage of its development. It still lacks in getting links from high quality sources and keyword suggestion, research and grouping functionalities are not that great as compared to other tools offered by competition.

Limitations: Most users would give it a 6 on 10 in terms of effectiveness. What is lacking is that it does not offer suggestions for similar sites that your main competitors have and this drawback can offer some unpleasant surprises to SEO managers.


  • 5  Analytics Campaigns
  • 300 Keywords
  • 250,000 Crawled Pages
  • 2 Seats

Comparison with Other Software’s: It’s older cousin moz still takes the cake when it comes to capturing the mindshare of the seo community but given the fact that it has the support of moz community and both its individual and enterprise base is intact over the years, it can be safely said that the software is a great choice for seo professionals looking at the challenge of internet visibility optimization.  Brand management will become much easier with the suite of seo tools offered and it can be a great digital marketing tool.
Conclusion:  In the digital world, it’s all about analytics, insights and taking informed decisions based on the metrics that have been presented to the CXO. Even seasoned professionals use SEO tools to do more in today’s fast paced business landscape as they know doing it manually will consume a lot of time and they can devote more time to business development rather than in calculating metrics. So if you are looking to outfox, outwit and out do your competitors open site explorer is the way to go for future.

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