Introvert Personality Traits , Signs, Qualities of Introvert Person

Introvert Personality Traits , Signs, Qualities of Introvert Person

What is Introversion?

The trait of extraversion–introversion is a central dimension of human personality theories. Introversion is the state of or tendency toward being concerned with and interested in one’s own mental life. Introverted people tend to be inward turning, or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation.


Personality Traits, Signs, Qualities, Life of Introverted Person – Introvert and Introversion

  • Introverts are loners and they often feel alone.
  • Introverts need freedom and privacy to interact with the inner self.
  • Introverts are thoughtful, and they speak less.
  • Introverts can be quiet, reserved, and moody.
  • Introverts have fewer friends than extroverts.
  • Introverts are great listener, observer, and public
  • Deeper conversations can make Introverts feel alive Small talk stresses them out.
  • Introverts are the best match for creative, detail-oriented, and solitary careers.
  • Introverts  are interested in self-knowledge and self-understanding

Sometimes being an introvert can be a painful experience for introverted people.


You might want to tell people

  • how you think differently
  • how you feel very sensitive about the particular things

There are always lots of things that might be going on in your head without any expression on the face. You are not able to explain these feelings to people; that’s why Introverted People do feel lonely and feel strange pain most of the time. Most of the time, people always judge them as “Boring, Cold, Less Energetic.”

When it comes to handling emotions, Introverted people are the deep thinker, good observer, and listener. Introverts are sensitive and have intense feeling, but they are not good at expressing their emotions, So they like to be reserved, and when it comes to handling emotions and depression, They need to be alone for some time to release their emotion to regain the positivity. It works like charging an emotional level. When there are upset, they just want to be alone in their room. This factor makes them anti-social and a little strange to others.

When it comes to working, they always like to work with a clarity that gives them a clear purpose. Introvert people have high concentration and grasping power that makes them quick learners. They are always full of facts and knowledge in their field. They only prefer to talk about the significant topic of their interest. They like the long and meaningful discussions.They are good in one to one discussion and do not prefer to participate in group discussion.

Despite being an anti-social , Introverted People are very creative and fast learner so They can become a scientist, an entrepreneur, researcher, a good artist, a good public a speaker,  a writer, and a  real leader.

In an article in The Gifted Introvert, Lesley Sword (Gifted and Creative Services Australia) notes, “Western civilization today is dominated by the extravert viewpoint. Extraverts are more vocal than introverts and are more understandable than introverts.

But introverts “form the majority of gifted people,” she notes. “Moreover, it appears that introversion increases with intelligence so that more than 75% of people with an IQ above 160 are introverted.”

According to Laney, author of The Introvert Advantage, there are several advantages to being an introvert:

  • Work well with others, especially in one-to-one relationships
  • Maintain long-term friendships
  • Flexible & independent
  • Strong ability to concentrate
  • Self-reflective & responsible
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking
  • Analytical skills that integrate complexity
  • Tactful & Sharp listening skills
  • Calm, composed demeanor


Some Famous Introvert People and Celebrity 

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Albert Einstein
  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Gates
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • K. Rowling
  • Larry Page
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Warren Buffett


Bill Gates,  J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett, and Mahatma Gandhi, are few names of great and successful people and they all are introvert. At least half of the people who speak for a living are introverted.

If you are also an introvert, It can be hard and challenging sometimes but you have some gift that other people don’t have. Once you learn to understand & accept your personality, you can do great things.


Business Networking Tips, Tricks & Guide For Introverts –

10 tips for networking for an introvert people to leverage their nature to shape out a professional network


It is the common thinking out there that an introverted person doomed to not succeed in the world of business relationships. But, that’s not completely true. An introvert person can get success in the business relationships world. They just have to network and build their business relationships slightly in a different way than the extroverted people.

To build the professional relationships the networking is the art and science of it. The basic theory of networking is that through it people can expand their client base, able to develop their business partnerships; can find the best job, etc. Networking helps people to meet more other people to expand their network. By coming into the contact with more people they can find the best customers, partners, employers or employees etc.

In today’s competitive world networking is the most important thing for everyone. Some of us are natural at it like the extrovert people. But for some people such as for the introvert one, the networking is the most difficult thing to do. For them, it is one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking parts of looking for a job or for advancing their career.

Earlier, an individual needed to introduce himself to strangers in a room full of people. That awkward face-to-face small talk was like the nightmare for the introvert people. But with the time the technology has come up with some extremely helpful and awesome tools. Through these tools, the networking has become so much easier than the earlier time.

The emergence of mail and social media is like the God gift to the problems of introvert people. With the help of email and social media, the introvert people now can easily get connected to other professionals. Now, they do not have to go through that awkward conversation with strangers. The digital exchanges through these media might turn into the job interviews or can get a phone call for an interview. Also, it can turn into the coffee meetings.

So, for planning the networking strategies it is always good to be prepared in advance. Whether want to send a LinkedIn/twitter message or facing the crowds at an industry event, preparing for it in advance is always better for the introvert people to boost their confidence.

Networking is a skill. It is a little bit menacing for introvert people. But with the use of different and proper techniques, it can be improved and be extremely easy to deal with. So, for the introvert who doesn’t have the natural skills to get excel with the networking here, are the top 10 tips to get over with networking trouble.

1) Go to the events of the industry

To overcome the fear of facing the people and having a conversation is to attend the events within the industry. Just thinking and talking about going is not enough. The introvert people should make a concrete effort to attend the events of their industry. Along with this, they have to commit to actually showing up there.

2) Prepare for the Networking

After committing to an event the second step is to do some research. This will help to find out who else is going to the event.  Most of the large networking events of the industry used to have a long list of attendees or sponsors or exhibitors, etc.. Before, going to such large networking events it is always good to research about them first. You can send an email or can connect through the social media with the attendees of the event. In this way, you will be relieved the pressure of initial introduction of the face-to-face encounter.

3) Get ready with the plan in advance

Besides, setting the appointments and learning more about the event make a game plan for the event. If the event lasts for few hours, then give the time for various other activities. Prepare your personal plan of action. Be focused on what you desired to get done through this event. Stick to your schedule to achieve what you wish for.

4) Get set with the realistic goals and manage your expectation

Before going out in the event for the networking first, define what you want from that. Setting a realistic goal for the networking makes the way easier. For example, make a plan of talking with just one person who is worth for your plans and expectations for the future. Exchange contact information with that person.

5) Make use of the buddy system

The buddy system works everywhere, even in the business world also. It is good to invite your friend for an event to go with you. It will boost your moral support. Your friend can help you out to trigger the conversations and relieve you from the pressure of awkward moments.

6) Get introduced by other people

If you are going to the event with your colleagues or clients, then let them introduce you to the people who you want to meet. This will make a good impression of yourself. Moreover, the presence of a third party in the conversation will lessen the pressure on everyone who is involved in it.

7) Have self-confidence

Before going to the networking events, recollect why you are going there. Also, exactly what value you can offer to the potential clients and vendors whom you will meet in the event. Don’t get intimidated, take a deep breath and be confident.

8) If needed get in contact with the Fellow Introverts

Near about 50 percent people are introverts. You are not alone. In the networking event also some other introvert people will be present. So, if you still have the problem in the event, then find the people who are as uncomfortable as you are. Try to start a conversation with them. It will ease the pressure of yours.

9) Assuage your discomfort by focusing on others

Now, you have your plan ready, and you know what you are going to offer. You have your friend along with you to go to the event or may be going alone. Now the next thing is easing the discomfort which you feel when talking to new people. So, to assuage this discomfort, you can transition your focus to others. By doing this you will feel less pressure and the genuine interest of yours will encourage the other people keep talking.

10) Attend more events and use social media for networking

After getting success with the first event now, you can keep going to the events at regular intervals to expand your network. Along with this, join the online professional group in your industry on LinkedIn ad Facebook.

Career Tips – Top Ten jobs for introverts


When a person is introvert, people may think that he may not be competent enough in the outer world to build any business or any job. But, nowadays, this picture may not be true. The introvert people may utilize networking sites and build professional relationships and build his career. This may not be always necessary to build professional relationships moving out and meeting people. Here are some tips for the introverts to build career by selecting the nature of jobs as listed below:

  1. Use social media and may start a business

For building up career for an introvert, it may not be always necessary to meet outer world. But, he may build up professional relationships through the social websites like LinkedIn or Twitter which may be the ideal sites for introverts. After making the professional relationships in the relevant field, he can start his business career according to his choices.

  1. To get job with less public dealings

If an introvert has to attend any interview, he has to prepare himself by some points on his own. He has to note down the points on notebook and give trial orally on himself that what he is or he wants to be and some whereabouts regarding him. This he has to practice orally before he attends the interview so that he can introduce himself to get a job with profile having interactions with less people like computer entry job, accounts jobs.

  1. To stay in a small group

An introvert can choose category of jobs which require small group to stay and deal with. So, he has to speak only with a small group when necessary.

  1. Animal care

The introverts can find jobs for animal care where they have to feed animals and take care of them. They won’t have to do public dealings and this way, they find themselves comfortable as they are comfortable with animals rather than humans.

  1. Data entry job from home

The introverts can take data entry or typing work job from home, if he is computer literate and can manage computer on his own. They won’t have to deal public and can stay alone and earn.

  1. Advertising posting job

Now, some job openings are there for introverts where only they have to post advertisements on behalf of a company at OLX or Quikr for recruitment of people. This is a silent nature of job where they have to be computer literate and can operate the job from home.

  1. Video game job

The introverts can go for video game jobs where they don’t have much public dealings. So, in comfortable way, they can run the jobs.

  1. Electric wiring or electric repairing job

The introverts may go for training of electric wiring and maintenance and can apply in the working field. They can work for electric wiring or maintenance where public dealings are limited. So, they may be comfortable for this type of jobs.

  1. Professional photography

The introverts may learn photography work with technology of printing, editing with Photoshop and can move ahead with career of photography. They may be skilled photographers and can earn a lot.

  1. Writing job

Writing jobs can be adopted by introverts if they are literate enough to go for writing job. The jobs do not require much public dealings.But, he should gain skill for writing communication. So. in this way, it is easy to avoid public dealings and can do better with good earning also.


The above are some examples where introverts can maintain their profession without many public dealings. Photography is one aspect where they can learn the skill of photography and can move into the film industry and also do his own business of professional photography. He can give ads on the websites and can capture the market. He can build up his career as a wedding photographer or real estate photographer. The introverts can capture the market by the advertisements trough social websites. The film industry, video photography industry can create a good field of jobs.

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