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Hire a Virtual Employee in India. Hire Local Part-time or Full-Time Remote Employee or Virtual Employee. We help you find & hire a trustworthy & Cost Effective Virtual Employee.


Hiring virtual employee is better than hiring an in-house employee if you are considering your first hire for your business. Virtual employees do work remotely so you don’t need to worry about tax liabilities or payroll processing.

Advanced technology helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in effective and innovative ways. With the Internet, nowadays companies are getting work done more efficiently by hiring Virtual Employee to manage their administrative or repetitive tasks. 

Virtual Employee can be a great asset to the company, but it’s necessary to choose qualified Virtual Employees and track their time and productivity.You should do your research on virtual employee companies to find one that best meets your needs.

 you can ask your Virtual Employee to different kinds of tasks such as research various topics, make travel plans, schedule wake-up calls, manage your social media and more. Virtual Employees can also manage your schedule to organize your emails. Companies can outsource tasks to Virtual Employees to get more work done, quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Hiring Virtual Employee In India

To help you find a great Virtual Employee, TENxLIVE Network is offering virtual employee services for your business. TENxLive is one of the best Virtual Employee service companies in India.

Your dedicated Virtual Employee will learn about your workflow, preferred timings, team and working method.

Benefits of hiring Virtual Employees from India:

  • India is a talent pool network of subject matter experts who can work remotely as a dedicated virtual employee hence eliminating the need to hire a permanent employee.
  • Hiring a virtual employee from India can full fill the requirement of talent resource gap due to the non-availability of skilled resources in your local area.
  • Based in Noida, India, TENxLIVE Network offers Virtual Employees for search engine optimization,  internet research, social media, email and chat support, administrative support, appointment scheduling and more.Most virtual employees are solo entrepreneurs & they contribute towards increased productivity.
  • Dedicated Virtual Employees are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from Sunday night to Friday night via phone, email and instant messaging. To begin working with a dedicated Virtual Employee,
  • Organizations can hire a virtual employee either on a monthly basis or hourly basis. Hiring Virtual Employees can cut down the business cost. A virtual employee works like a dedicated employee.
  • After Hiring a virtual employee from India, you don’t need to worry about process training. Virtual employee service companies have expertise to brings people with right skill sets on board. Virtual employee integrates easily with the client’s business processes and workflow.
  • There is no need for an office space or for that matter any infrastructure after Hiring a virtual employee from India.
Please fill the from below. we would contact you to full fill your requirements. TENxLIVE Account manager will call to help you determine the right amount of hours and skills you need for your tasks.

Hire a Virtual Employee in India.

Hire Local Part-time or Full-Time Virtual Employees. We help you find & hire a trustworthy & Cost Effective Virtual Employee.

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