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Hire a Virtual Employee in India

Hiring virtual employee is better than hiring an in-house employee if you are considering your first hire for your business. Virtual employees do work remotely so you don’t need to worry about tax liabilities or payroll processing.

Advanced technology helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in effective and innovative ways. With the Internet, nowadays companies are getting work done more efficiently by hiring Virtual Employee to manage their administrative or repetitive tasks.

Virtual Employee can be a great asset to the company, but it’s necessary to choose qualified Virtual Employees and track their time and productivity.You should do your research on virtual employee companies to find one that best meets your needs.

you can ask your Virtual Employee to different kinds of tasks such as research various topics, make travel plans, schedule wake-up calls, manage your social media and more. Virtual Employees can also manage your schedule to organize your emails. Companies can outsource tasks to Virtual Employees to get more work done, quickly, efficiently and affordable.

Hiring Virtual Employee In India

To help you find a great Virtual Employee, We are offering virtual employee services for your business. Your dedicated Virtual Employee will learn about your workflow, preferred timings, team and working method.

Benefits of hiring Virtual Employee in India:

  • India is a talent pool network of subject matter experts who can work remotely as a dedicated virtual employee hence eliminating the need to hire a permanent employee.
  • Hiring a virtual employee from India can full fill the requirement of talent resource gap due to the non-availability of skilled resources in your local area.
  • Based in Noida, India, we offers Virtual Employees for search engine optimization,  internet research, social media, email and chat support, administrative support, appointment scheduling and more.Most virtual employees are solo entrepreneurs & they contribute towards increased productivity.
  • Dedicated Virtual Employees are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from Sunday night to Friday night via phone, email and instant messaging. To begin working with a dedicated Virtual Employee,
  • Organizations can hire a virtual employee either on a monthly basis or hourly basis. Hiring Virtual Employees can cut down the business cost. A virtual employee works like a dedicated employee.
  • After Hiring a virtual employee from India, you don’t need to worry about process training. Virtual employee service companies have expertise to brings people with right skill sets on board. Virtual employee integrates easily with the client’s business processes and workflow.
  • There is no need for an office space or for that matter any infrastructure after Hiring a virtual employee from India.
Please fill the from below. we would contact you to full fill your requirements.  Account manager will call to help you determine the right amount of hours and skills you need for your tasks.

Hire Virtual Employee in India.

Hire Local Part-time or Full-Time Virtual Employees. We help you find & hire a trustworthy & Cost Effective Virtual Employee.

    India has unique cultural characteristics that make it a best outsourcing destination in the world.  If you’re a business owner or startup entrepreneur,  you can hire a Virtual Employee Or Virtual Office Assistant to help you in many skill based projects like web design,  internet marketing, SEO and website management, internet research, data entry, etc. A Virtual Employee can consult and help you in the day-to-day activity in the office at a reduced cost compared to a full-time employee.

    How does Virtual Employee work in India? 

    A Virtual Employee or Virtual Office Assistant  is a self-employed specialized professional who possesses variety of skill set to perform a valuable task in business. Virtual Employee in India works like a personal assistant who operates from the remote location (usually at home or personal office) for many clients. They communicate and work with the help of telephone, VOIP phones, email, Skype many productive internet tools. You can outsource any type of work overseas to Virtual Employees, which is possible by a computer, telephone, and the internet.

    What can Virtual Employee do? 

    from India, Virtual Employees work on contract basis or assignment basis and get usually paid by the hour,;they are better in paying online bills, finding flights and hotels, or buying gifts for relatives on their birthday. Virtual Employees are like personal secretaries, except that they can’t do such activity for you which required physical presence. 

    Virtual Employees can

    • Read your e-mail
    • Reply on your behalf
    • Schedule your routine work ,travel, your appointments
    • Book Travel ticket and reservation
    • Provide telephone support on your behalf
    • Conduct Internet research
    • Manage any projects such data entry, research, SEO & SMO,web design etc
    • Manage blogs or Prepare newsletters
    • Transcribe voice and conference calls
    • Any time-consuming or repetitive tasks
    • Hire right employees for you by doing research on candidates
    • Prepare and Distribute Press Release for your business.
    • Make Presentations
    • Manage social media accounts
    • Coordinate with customer and vendors
    • Place orders and Finding Best service in your area.

    Why should you hire Virtual Employees in India ? 

    To become successful in your business, you should have intelligent people in your team who work for you and you should be doing more important work for business development like planning,  ideas generation, important meeting, and tie-ups etc.  Virtual employee or office assistant can be very productive and cost saving for you.  They can do multitasking and many other jobs like customer support and interfacing with clients, making phone calls, research and gathering data, building websites, and all day-to-day activity that go along with it, like autoresponders and shopping cards, marketing, SEO, articles or content writing, blog management, videos creating and editing, social networking & social bookmarking, local directories, Google Ad words, or other pay-per-click engines.

    • Cost Saving and Flexible Working Hour if you need an assistant, you can hire someone for your business to work full-time but when it comes down to convenience and money. A full-time assistant can cost around from $10,000 to $50,000 or more without including other benefits. If you don’t need someone around all the time. That’s a high price to pay. If you only need them on a few projects for few hours. A virtual employee can be the best option for you. Since a Virtual employee works for many people so you can hire a Virtual employee to work for few hours according to your work requirement. You have to pay them per hours basis. If you just need someone for five hours a week to take care of your important meeting and projects or you need them to work full-time hours one week, they can work for you.
    • Saving on working equipment and space. It’s a great benefit since a Virtual assistant works by his own working equipment and space. if you will hire a full-time employee in your office, you have to arrange computer ,the internet, and extra space to work, but in the case of Virtual assistant , you don’t need to worry about all that.
    • Easy to terminate- For some reason you are not satisfied with their work or you want to save some cash, depending on the kind of contract terms you have with a virtual employee, you can just terminate their services quickly.

    How to hire a Virtual Employee in India

    If you want to hire a Virtual Employee or virtual assistant in India or want to outsource your work in India, you can send your requirement in details by using below. I can provide you best match for your requirement at a very effective price.

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    If you’d like to discuss any idea or you are planning to hire me for work. I can work on the monthly basis as your personal virtual employee.

    Please provide the information in contact from in the below sidebar. We can fix an appointment for a private phone consultation,  Payment would be the charges for each and every service you will take as per mutually our agreed quotation on email.