Hire Political Marketing Consultant & Online Media Strategist India

Looking to hire a Political Marketing Consultant or Political campaign Manager? My name is Rohit Sharma. I recently worked for Bhartiya Janta Party, Punjab, as Social Media Manager.

These were My Role and duties –

  • To Manage the following online platforms of BJP Punjab
    • Campaign website
    • Pay-per-click advertising
    • Social media advertising
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Google Plus
    • LinkedIn
    • Retargeting
    • Email marketing
    • Paid site ads and sponsorships
    • Text messaging/SMS
    • WhatsApp Marketing


  • To Consult & implement all marketing and promotional materials:
  • To conduct opposition research.
  • To Prepare budget and timeline for BJP Punjab.
  • To build the online platforms for Bhartiya Janta Party, Punjab.
  • To Plan and execute all web, SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns
  • To Design, build, and maintain the social media presence of BJP Punjab
  • To Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs)
  • To Identify trends and insights and optimize spend and performance based on the insights
  • To Brainstorm new and creative marketing strategies
  • To Collaborate with internal teams to create web pages, content, digital marketing campaigns and optimize the user experience
  • To Provide advanced keyword research, advanced on-site optimization, content strategy, and social media tactics.

It has been a great experience for me.

Politics in India is in a phase of transition With the advent of modern technology. The traditional ways of communication, Social media marketing, data analytics, online polls, surveys, 3d campaigns, strategic thinking, data gathering, analysis, marketing, and campaigning, etc., are the new currents in the Indian political system.

But with growing competition, aggressive use of innovative methods to reach the voters, and raising awareness among the electorate, Indian politics need a support system that could help them steer through the complexities of politics and win with the latest technology, social platforms, and tools.

Thus Political consultants are in demand for campaigning and consulting to win the elections. Political Consulting includes advising the political candidates about their positioning vs. the competitors, marketing ideology of the party and candidate, generating interest among the voters, conflict resolution, etc. It is done by using traditional PR, modern political communication, digital marketing, campaign strategy.

Political parties hire PR firms, marketing firms, media consultants and political strategists, research analysts for political campaigns. A political consultant or political strategist works in various methods – directly present with his client, giving remote support using video calls, emails, etc., or a mix of both based on demand. A political consultant performs his work utilizing research, analysis, and consultations. The works of a political consultant can be listed as follows –

Sentiment and Requirement Analysis:

  • To analyses the data available for opinion polls, media information, sociological studies, electoral facts, and other relevant historical data to capture the sentiment of the potential voters.
  • To analyses the needs, wishes, and expectations of the public.
    To create the campaign design and promotion of his client.

Strength and Weakness Analysis (of candidate or party): To conduct study & research to find the strengths and weaknesses of the party or party’s other candidates.

Competitor Analysis: To find the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors by using all available data
to predict competitor’s future moves and strategies.

Design the Campaign Strategy:

  • To design the campaign strategy with immediate goals and objectives for the targeted public segment.
  • To prepare a marketing strategy, position, media plan, agenda, and detailed time plan.

Empowering Candidate or party by creating the public image: To propose strategies, plans, and ideas and executes the entire campaign process through posters, leaflets, TV shows, radio bites.

Crisis management – how to manage attacks- both personal and professional, reduce damage and channelize the rival’s aggression to prove his client’s supremacy

If you are looking to hire a political campaign manager and political marketing consultant to manage your online marketing, social media campaigns, I would be happy to work as Digital Marketing Strategist and Advertising Consultant for your political party.

Please send your requirement using the below form. I would contact you.