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Hi, I’m Rohit Sharma,I work as a freelance WordPress developer, web designer, website developer offer WordPress web design, WordPress support services & WordPress SEO Services. I offer WordPress website design services to clients In India and abroad. You can contact me for WordPress website design projects and WordPress support services. I offer responsive website design perfectly fit for users of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Due to the growing use of mobile internet browsers, responsive website design is highly preferred.

I specialize in designing websites on WordPress. WordPress is free, open-source & most used content management system (CMS) platform that is commonly used. WordPress is stable and extensible perfect for the starting point for your website. WordPress works perfectly as lead generation website for local business.

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    Why you should prefer WordPress Website as Content Management System (CMS):-

    If you are looking for the best platform to design your website which fits your business requires and marketing requirement, WordPress is the right CMS Platform for you.

    About WordPress – Best CMS Platform for Startup Business Marketing  

    WordPress is an excellent platform for budding entrepreneurs to create websites and marketing for their startup or business. This content management service (CMS) is used by millions of business owners who live in every corner of the world. More than 400 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress, including more than 100 million in the United States. WordPress sites around the world publish posts every 17 seconds. Most of the top one million websites in the world are powered by WordPress and related to business. These facts clearly show the significance of WordPress as a content management service for businesses of all sizes.


    • You will have total control over the content of your site.
    • You can update images, Media, text and can create new pages and posts
    • Manage your website yourself using a password protected admin area.
    • No needs to hire an expensive programmer for adding extra components to your site.
    • Publish News , Blog and Article from Day one
    • Launch your Ecommerce Store easily

    Why Should you Use WordPress as a business website –

    Simplicity, social media integration and a large number of theme options available are key reasons why startups and small businesses prefer WordPress. However, you need to keep several important facts in mind before you think about using WordPress for your business website.

    Starting a website with WordPress is really easy! There are several things you should consider though: hosting, installation, themes and management of content.

    Cheap and Low Maintenance on WordPress Hosting

    WordPress is a low maintenance script that pretty much any LAMP host could support. Yet, you should not just go after any host, but look for a quality provider that understands the needs and the dynamics of this software and charges reasonable fees. SiteGround has specialized in hosting WordPress since its inception and is hosting tens of thousands of sites made on it. We make sure our service is top-notch in terms of speed, support and security for WordPress.

    Easy WordPress Installation and Management

    If you use SiteGround hosting, we will install WordPress for free. Or if you want to give it a try yourself, we provide you with Softaculous script installer (located in your account’s cPanel), which will auto-install this CMS for you in just a few seconds. In case you are not a customer, you may refer to our WordPress tutorial for step-by-step installation guidelines.

    Free WordPress Tutorial

    Managing WordPress is not difficult, yet there are certain tweaks that might not come so easily for you. That is why we have prepared an all-inclusive tutorial covering the most common management how to tricks.

    Free and Paid WordPress Themes

    Customizing the look of your website is important as it could help improve your conversions and revenue flow. That is why we have provided free WordPress themes to help your site stand out.

    Whether you’re a new tech company that’s just starting out, a newly opened restaurant, cake shop, or a florist – having an online presence is now essential. Trouble is websites can be expensive things. Many web agencies charge hefty prices for highly tailored bespoke websites, which are often out of most start-up’s price ranges.

    If you are looking for developers to design a new website for your business or a marketer to promote your WordPress site, You are at right place, We offer these services from India at very affordable price with High Quality of work.

    • Digital Marketing Services
    • WordPress Web Design Service
    • WordPress Management Services
    • Video Marketing Services
    • SEO Services
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Paid Per Click Ads Service
    • Online Advertisement

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      WordPress Web Design and WordPress Development Services India-

      I offer following services to my clients –

      • Installation of the latest version of WordPress to use as a Blog or CMS
      • Creation of a database for use by WordPress
      • Installation of a theme of your choice
      • Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your site
      • Setup Sitemap to promote search engine rankings
      • Fix your permalinks to improve SEO of your site
      • Install Best Selected plugins to work with your Website
      • Set up spam protection to prevent comment spam
      • Set Up customized RSS feed to promote your site
      • Install your company logo and graphics on Web
      • Training to publish content and Use the WordPress website
      • Customize the Theme Template for your WordPress Website
      • Custom web-based applications built using WordPress
      • WordPress technical support and Consultancy
      • WordPress theme (template) Customization
      • Migration from other blogging systems such as blogger to WordPress
      • Self Hosted WordPress Migration
      • WordPress server and domain migration
      • WordPress theme (template) implementation
      • WordPress upgrades
      • WordPress MU installation
      • WordPress SEO services
      • WordPress Security Audits

      As a freelance WordPress developer & WordPress web designer, I am always ready to help you in managing your site, Contact me if you have any questions or like to discuss for finding a solution for you or your business. If you need a proposal for a project, you can message me by the contact form on the right side. You can hire me as Freelance WordPress developer.


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        WordPress websites are dynamic websites. let me give you an overview of static and dynamic websites. A quick break down will be that static websites are quite fast in nature as they are not depended on servers, their basic work is to hand off the already prepared files to the visitor. While, dynamic websites demand more server resource, but offers more flexibility when it’s about upgrading them.

        Static Web Sites:

        As the word ‘static’ itself means a web page where all the material or information are offered before users in the same way it is stored.  Static web sites or pages showcase the same, constant data and information to all the users. HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language was the first language through which people begin creating static web pages.

        In the Internet technology, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) was the initial language or channel (you can say) by which people initiated creating static web pages. HTML provides the features of paragraphs creation, text, adding images and line breaks as well. But the most crucial feature and function of HTML language is the link creation feature. Static web pages are extremely helpful those pages or contents which don’t require frequent changes or updations. There are ample of advantages linked with the static web page like they’re quick and a bit cheap to create and host.

        A static site is a site which is written completely with the use of HTML language. Every web page is a different document and has no databases or any external files which are drawn upon. It means that for editing such type of website you have to go through each page and edit its HTML code for the necessary changes.  This can be done using webpage editor like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, or you can also ask your web developers to make update it.

        Dynamic web site:

        Dynamic web pages or sites are such types of web pages which shows up different contents to the viewer every time a user visits it.  It frequently gets modified depending on the accessing, time and interaction as performed by the users. There are two different kinds of dynamic web pages, namely— Client side scripting and server side scripting.

        In the client side scripting web pages, it gets updated according to the user’s action on that web page. Whereas in the server side scripting, the web pages get changed every time a web page is loaded. For instance— login or sign up pages, shopping carts pages, etc. Usually, the dynamic web pages are created by using languages such as ASP, PHP,NET and a few more. Such web pages have higher degree of functionality.

        The pages of the dynamic site are produced from the data stored in the external file or database.

        The Key Difference between Static and Dynamic WebSite:

        In static web pages, the content and theme of web pages are constant, whereas in dynamic it changes according to the need and runtime.

        In static, browsing and loading are quicker than dynamic web pages because it doesn’t depend on the server.

        HTML language is used for creating static web pages whereas PHP, JavaScript, etc. languages are used for dynamic ones.

        Initially released in 2003, WordPress has become perhaps the  Top CMS for SEO & Digital Marketing  (content management system) in the world used for website design, blogs , personal websites, portals and online community . Nowadays, WordPress is used by more than 74 million websites that post new posts every second. This commonly used CMS has become a preferred among companies because of how highly effective of a tool it is. WordPress is very helpful to business owners since it helps them by easy customization and search engine marketing. There are many benefits of choosing WordPress for website design, some benefits are given below.

        SEO & Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress

        1. It’s free and open source.

        Whether you’re a blogger or just launching a new business online, the point that WordPress is 100 % free is incredibly valuable. Best of all, you never have to fear about invisible expenses if your site becomes more well-known than predicted. WordPress will always be 100 % free for you to use.

        Apart from that, WordPress is open source. This means that you can improve or alter the source code to create the right site for your needs.

        1. Powerful right out of the box.

        Compared with other content management systems, WordPress is prepared to use immediately after installation. This means that you don’t have to “hunt down, install, and configure a long list of add-ons just to get many of the functions WordPress views primary (comments, RSS nourishes, modifications, etc.).”

        1. Versatility.

        The versatility of WordPress is another function that can’t be lead. Regardless of what you’re using WordPress for – whether as a personal blog  or to a well-known e-commerce website, WordPress is flexible enough to fulfill any and all of your needs through its comprehensive functions and plugins.

        1. Search engine friendly.

        The most well-known search engine Google actually chooses websites that are operated by WordPress because its structure is simple to crawl.  In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts also endorsed WordPress during WordCamp San Francisco 2009. His personal blog is also on WordPress.

        1. Security.

        Since WordPress is such a popular CMS, it shouldn’t be amazing that it’s a target for online hackers. However, WordPress requires the protection of its customers very seriously. While you can exercise some primary precautionary features, such as not installing a concept or plug-in from an untrusted website, WordPress regular up-dates its application to prevent attacks..

        1. Easy to customize.

        Because of the a thousand of plug-ins and themes that WordPress has provided, with just one click you can personalize your website to appear and operate as you would like. Furthermore, because of the seemingly endless number of features that WordPress has to offer, you can create the website or blog that you’ve always wanted. It is very helpful for

        • Content Marketing
        • Website Portal
        • Community Building
        • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
        • Lead Generation 
        • Lead Conversion
        • Inbound Marketing
        1. Easy installation process.

        Another excellent advantage of using WordPress is how simple it is to use. The platform is user-friendly, intuitive and simple to understand. You can learn how to use WordPress in a  matter of minutes. No wonder WordPress is known for its famous “5-Minute Install.”

        1. Supports by WordPress forum.

        WordPress also comes with unprecedented assistance. This is an aspect of the extensive WordPress team where you can troubleshoot any query or issue through the WordPress Forums.

        1. Mobile friendly.

        It’s more important for a website to be mobile friendly to support smartphones and tablets.  With WordPress, however, you don’t have to be involved after that.  It’s completely mobile friendly, thanks to many of the themes being responsive.

        1. Integration.

        WordPress integrates with some of the most highly effective platforms available to provide your business that additional boost. Need to release an email campaign? You can use a support like Aweber or MailChimp. Want to get compensated for an item or service? WordPress can perform with some of the most well-known transaction gateways in the world.

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