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Internet has changed the lifestyle of people and they prefers Google over yellow pages these days. They use their smartphones and laptops to search on Google whenever they are in need of something whether it is car repair shop or any other services. Now, when anyone searches on Google they are likely to pick up from the top links that appear on list. Being on top list of search engines not only draws traffic but it convinces customers that these companies are most trustworthy. According to a fact, 71% of Google searches resulted in organic click on the first page of search result. Also, the first five results drew 67% of the clicks. That’s where you may want your business to be. Not on the second and third pages where clicks dropped to 5% only.

How to hire Freelance seo consultant in India
Great content, a well-designed website and high quality of services and products can turn your visitors into customers. But first people have to know your business exists. That’s why SEO is a most important element of online marketing strategies. I can provide your business a proper marketing strategy that helps both draws people’s attention to your website and convert them into your customers.As being SEO Expert, I understand needs and importance of SEO in digital marketing to separate your website apart from the crowd of websites on the internet.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about understanding what a user type in search bar while searching for a product, service or business. Also, this includes ensuring that the website includes words and phrases relevant to their search. It’s an ever-changing process as Search Engines keep changing their rules and policy.

Certain SEO strategies once popularly used are now out of date and useless and can get your website banned. SEO practices are not only for international brands but as more people are using search engines to find product and services online, more local businesses are trying to get high ranking spots.

Search Engines continues to change how they deliver local results to users, which make it necessary to follow trends and to know which strategies will work best.

We provide cutting edge web design and expert SEO strategies to set you apart from the crowd. SEO is a field that changes is tools continuously and requires a special skill set.We  provide digital marketing support along with SEO services and all other digital marketing services.

Freelance SEO Consultant – Affordable SEO Expert – Hire Freelance SEO Expert

My name is Rohit Sharma. I work as freelance SEO Expert & search engine optimization consultant with USA Clients from India. I have more than 5 years of experience in SEO & Digital marketing. I have been serving more than 50 small business to medium scale business worldwide So whether you need on-going SEO optimization or PPC Services, I can help! I focus on ROI. Based on your business and marketing goals, I advise what you should do, whether it’s SEO, PPC or both.
As an experienced freelance SEO & PPC consultant based in India, I like to work with US clients and offer my SEO services in the USA. As I am located in India, Client in the USA gets a good discount compare to other SEO consultants in the USA.
I have been working as a freelance SEO expert since 2012. If you are looking to hire Freelance SEO Expert or Freelancer SEO Consultant in the USA for your business or personal website. My SEO consulting services that can bring your website in top search results.

Freelance SEO Consultant – Affordable SEO Expert – Hire Freelance SEO Expert

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