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About Rohit Sharma – Digital Marketing Coach & Consultant  

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting this website; my name is Rohit Sharma. I work as a digital marketing Coach in India. I have skills in digital marketing, Inbound Marketing & SEO and have worked on digital marketing and SEO projects with several major brands.  Now I have more than eight years of work experience. I help clients with my Digital marketing and Inbound marketing skills by providing them with online research, business consulting, online marketing consulting, and complete digital marketing services, including SEO Services, Content Writing, Web design & mobile app marketing.

I have worked on projects related to PR, non-profits, and clients in technology, electronics, fashion, transportation, consumer services, agency, education, and much more, Currently I work with Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, and B2B services providers, ed-tech platforms, etc.

I am passionate about learning new things. I like to learn new things and work on new ideas by taking new initiatives.

I love working with others who are passionate about what they do.

If you’re a startup, small business, or individual looking for a marketing Coach, get in touch with me ASAP!


Rohit Sharma is a  digital marketing Coach in India who offers digital marketing consulting services all over the World.

Rohit Sharma is a Marketing Coach who has extensive experience in digital marketing, CRM, inbound marketing, and marketing automation. He’s helped companies in various industries increase their traffic and leads with intelligent marketing strategies.

A Digital Marketing Coach Who Cares About Your Business

We know that you have many choices when it comes to a marketing Coach. Let us prove why we’re the best choice for you. We’ll help you get more customers, understand your target market and teach you how to generate more leads using proven methods like Inbound Marketing.

Reduce Your Lead Acquisition Cost

I can create a customized lead generation strategy for your business at a fraction of the cost of other Coachs by utilizing inbound marketing tactics such as SEO, social media, content marketing, and article writing, among others.

Having extensive experience in digital marketing, Rohit is a perfect strategist for your inbound marketing needs. With experience in marketing automation, CRM, and inbound marketing, Rohit is the right person to help you generate more leads and get the dream clients that you’ve always wanted.

I specialize in helping businesses grow through effective and efficient digital techniques. I can help you generate more leads using my expertise in inbound marketing.

With years of experience as a digital marketer and Coach, Rohit has helped numerous companies successfully adopt strategies and techniques to drive more traffic to their website. He also has experience with different marketing automation systems, CRM, and inbound marketing which will help create the perfect strategy for your business.

I provide coaching and consultation that are tailored to your needs to grow your business. my focus is on creating custom solutions that work for you! Get the advice of a seasoned professional and have peace of mind knowing that I’ll work tirelessly with you until I hit your goals.

Rohit Sharma is a Digital Marketing Coach who specializes in SEO, Lead Generation, and Social Media Marketing.

8+ years of experience

Be confident that you’re getting the best talent and skills possible with your Digital Marketing Coach. With a decade of experience in the field,

International clientele

Diverse experience and skillset that helps Rohit Sharma serve clients from all over the World.

Ongoing communication

I believe in building long-term relationships with my clients

Rohit Sharma is a  digital marketing Coach with eight years of experience in social media, SEO, content marketing, outreach campaigns, and influencer marketing. I work with Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, B2B services providers, etc.

Work with Rohit Sharma – Hire a Digital Marketing Coach

You work hard to make your company a success. Make sure you’re hiring the right people to manage your online presence.

Social media is an ever-changing space for marketers. In this cut-throat environment, you must always be ahead of the curve and hire experts to help you get ahead of the competition; Rohit enables you to stay one step ahead in your business.

If you are looking to hire a digital marketing Coach for your business, Kindly schedule an appointment with Rohit.

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Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Coach In India

Determining how to manage your online marketing is difficult if you do it yourself. However, a digital marketing Coach is flexible, affordable, and presents you with your desired results. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a Digital Marketing Coach in India:

  1. Marketing Expertise – When a Digital Marketing Coach is working with you to achieve your goals in business, you can be assured that only the best practices are being used for marketing your business.

  2. Consistency & Accountability – Digital Marketing Coach works toward fulfilling your business goals, and his focus is on carrying out the client’s needs and requirements.

  3. Proven Process – A digital marketing Coach has a proven process and method of achieving your goals online. He has designed a process that you can follow for establishing a successful business online. Tools and Technologies

  4. Know the right tools, Strategy, and system for your business – There are so many tools available these days to increase efficiency and productivity in terms of performance. Rohit helps with the right tools, techniques, and strategies for your business. For example, a marketing coach can show you the best digital marketing strategies and know-how to drive the results your campaign requires.

  5. Get insights, Suggestions, and Ideas for your business – Hiring a digital marketing Coach means involving someone who can give you an unbiased opinion about your brand or product. Digital marketing Coachs are best at doing this since they have the understanding and perception from the customer’s point of view. In addition, digital marketing Coaches have experience in dealing with different industries and have successfully served their needs in the past.

  6. Right Content Strategy – Digital Marketing Coache are experts in understanding what to post, where to post, and how and when to reach customers on social media. There are many social networking sites, and strategizing on driving traffic to such platforms is crucial.

  7. Search Engine Optimization SEO – Ensuring that your website is fully optimized and intact for the search engines is essential for online brand presence.  A digital marketing Coach makes sure that your blog or website stays ahead of your competition in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and BING. They adopt various content marketing, content writing, and content amplification mechanisms to help you search engine value positioning and gain social media traction for your website.

  8. Expertise in Community Building – Just posting online will not help build the community you are targeting. You need to plan and know what will attract the community to your brand. Digital marketing Coaches have a plan which will help your brand become a success.

  9. Get Consulting and training From a digital marketing expert. Most business owners are experts when it comes to building products, but when it comes to promoting them online, they don’t know what to do or how to proceed? Time is another problem with business heads. By hiring a Digital marketing Coach, you get more personalized consulting, coaching, and training for your business marketing.

  10. Data-Driven Decisions – With many people involved in a marketing plan, it is hard to measure the results of the overall marketing or the Return on Investment. A marketing Coach has expertise and knowledge and can measure the outcomes since the plan has been made. Coach believes in tracking overall performance and making the right Data-Driven decisions.

If you are looking to hire a digital marketing Coach for your business, Kindly schedule an appointment with Rohit.

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