Digital Marketing Best Practices for B2B Marketing in 2016

If you’re a marketing director or managing director, you should be aware of these crucial Digital Marketing Best Practices for B2B Marketing in 2016. They’re critical to the marketing decisions you’ll make and will influence how, and where, you spend your marketing budget.Knowing whether to invest in certain types of marketing is always a concern. There’s only so much budget and it’s never enough to do everything. This short report outlines some key facts on your buyer’s behavior and media consumption, which will help you make clear decisions as to how you should allocate your budget.

Knowing whether to invest in certain types of marketing is always a concern. There’s only so much budget and it’s never enough to do everything. This short report outlines some key facts on your buyer’s behavior and media consumption, which will help you make clear decisions as to how you should allocate your budget.

Display & Native Advertising

The ways that paid advertising is being used noticeably evolved during 2015. In 2016, this pace seemed to continue. It’s safe to say that paid digital campaigns aren’t going anywhere, in fact, this channel is just getting warmed up. For the sake of this article let’s separate “paid advertising” into two categories; display advertising and native advertising.

We will answer some questions below which entrepreneurs have during growing their online business.

How to Improve lead generation strategy?

Your lead generation strategy is only as good as the landing pages and forms you’re using to collect leads. If you want to make an immediate impact on your lead generation efforts, your contact forms and landing pages are a great place to start. Every digital marketer should follow lead generation best practices when optimizing lead generation assets.

Make sure text is scannable, and keep in mind that readers scan information in an F-shaped pattern. This means you should be placing greater weight on the information conveyed at the top and left side of your page.

How to increase content marketing results?

When marketers say they want to “improve” their marketing content, many of them mean they want to create more. Instead, let’s shift the focus toward quality, which means getting the most out of fewer, higher-quality pieces of content. At Pardot, we’re big proponents of recycling your marketing content, especially if you’re low on resources. There are a number of ways to do this.

How to increase the effectiveness of email marketing?

If we had to suggest one focus point to help improve email marketing effectiveness, It would be better targeting, which can be achieved through segmentation. Using a marketing automation platform, you can use what you know about your prospects to sort your database into simple or complex lists. These lists can then be used to target your email messages so that each segment receives the most relevant messages for them. For example, a list that has been sorted based on geographic location can receive messages about events in their area, while a list sorted by job title can receive content targeted toward decision makers.

 How to increase landing page conversions on the website?

If you want to collect leads from your site using inbound marketing techniques, it is important to have a good landing page with a proper call to action.Creating a call to action is a practical approach that can give more conversion on your landing page.

For Example, “Limited Time Offers” compel visitors to act quickly.

You can also offer the free ebook, webinar, videos, software or some tool that will help your visitors in their business or life; your call-to-action should include a free ebook, webinar, videos, software or some tool in exchange for signing up for your email list.You should create a sense of urgency by your call to action message.This makes the visitor act quickly and take your intended action.

How to improve social media engagement?

Improving your social media efforts can be tricky because every rule doesn’t apply to every social channel. One thing you can apply across the board is the power of consistent engagement. Your social media followers will be confused if you’re not making an effort to engage on a regular basis — or if you go dark for long periods of time. Make sure you develop a posting cadence, and then stick to it. Use a marketing automation or social engagement tool to schedule out social posts during times when you’ll be out of the office, and check out this guide for more information on proper posting etiquette for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

How to increase event marketing effectiveness?

The key is to make sure that post-event follow-up is both relevant and timely. As a marketer, You should have a checklist and timeline for planning and managing your event that can help you get the most out of your event investment once your event is over and done with. You can use Facebook events, meetup events, youtube videos, blog post and paid ads to promote your event to get maximum registrations.Make sure you provide your contact no, email and the contact form to contact you everywhere. Once You start collecting leads from your social media, website and videos. Nurture them to register for your event. If they don’t, participate in your event. Follow up them process after an event takes place, they might be interesting to join your event.

 How to align of marketing and sales teams to get most efficient results?

The key focus for many organizations that are hoping to put sales and marketing on the same team is lead nurturing. Much of the tension between marketing and sales stems from leads falling out of the funnel when sales fails to follow up with them. Instead of letting these leads go to waste, a proper lead nurturing strategy can help nurture these leads to sales readiness without any manual work from sales. This positions marketing as an important asset in the eyes of sales, and it ensures that leads are already educated by the time a sales rep is enlisted for follow up.

How to improve marketing reporting process to make it more transparent?

For those hoping to improve their reporting models, the first step is to make sure you’re focusing on the right metrics. The key is to choose the metrics that make the most sense for your business goals rather than attempting to measure everything at once.

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