Startups Guide: 4 Ways to Use Social Media Effectively

Today, for many, digital marketing and social media can be a scary nightmare. A decade ago, literally there was no mean to market products or services apart from the business’s location without travelling, but in today’s time, it’s almost impossible to set off the interest and sales without using the mysterious Internet.

It may look daunting to you when you’re at the times of trusting your business to be something as colossal and levelheaded as the World Wide Web and belief that your words are not only spreading all over the world, but reaching the right target people, and moreover at the right time.

Social Media are really the godsends when it’s all about sailing across the internet and meeting out the content to the people you’re taking a crack to turn into customers.

In the 21st century world, people have the flexibility to get in touch with the people dwelling in any corner of the world. If you’re planning to get your startup off the ground, you must have a social media business plan.

In view of the fact that billions of people are actively using social media platforms to get connected with their friends, families or brands, if you are not drawing off these incomparable resources, you’re truly missing out many things. Below are a few of the surprising numbers of the total active users on leading social networks

Facebook: 1,550 million

Instagram: 400 million

LinkedIn: 100 million

Pinterest: 100 million

Twitter: 316 million

Evidently, these roll counts exhibit that social media is the easiest and amazing way to reap exposure for your budding startup, but all you need is to put your best efforts to make a solid, influential presence on it. From big corporate firms to small agencies and new startups, social media give small businesses the leverage power to attract more loyal customers or clients.

Thanks to their available resources and manpower, bigger companies every so often can effortlessly keep step with the most recent social media updates for reaping the higher profit. But, usually the startups and small firms struggle in such case because of the shoestring budget and paucity of business connections.

The social network is really killing manufacturer-consumer hierarchy. Today, everybody has 24 hours a day and the SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media can act as a catalyst for various startups and if used properly, within a very short amount of time, the startup can turn up into a giant company.

The fields are flush. The opportunity is ready.

Being a startup, how actually you should use social media? Here are some easy and most effective ways to use the potent power of social media to your advantage without falling into the void of forgotten startups-

Pick the Right Social Media Platform

Picking up the appropriate platform looks very simple- can’t you be in all of them? But, it’s a crucial pace to make sure you’re reaching out the right customers who are actually interested in your offered products or services and ready to get engaged with you although they are not familiar with your name or brand identity, so start off here.

Every single successful social networking platform today was setup with an objective. For few, like Facebook, it’s as easy as hooking up people to one another and their mutual interests, but when unrolling into the realm of Myspace and LinkedIn, there’s a focus. Obviously, LinkedIn is professional social networking platform that is meant for business-to-business (B2B) connections and whereas Myspace, a return of a very dissimilar site by the similar name is now based on celebrities and music.

When choosing the social media for your brand, don’t forget to take the offered products or services into consideration. Also, take into consideration about the type of personality you want your brand to portray. If you’re looking for experiencing party feel, Myspace or Facebook might work for you, but if you’re looking for classiness, LinkedIn may be more up your alley.

Build a Strong Presence

Your social media account acts as a key part of your brand or company image, and will be the crucial part of the user experience that’ll either make or break their interest. Your page should be well-organized, streamlined and easy to use.

Starting a new business is never an easy task. And it’s even more problematic to make people aware of your offerings (products/services). So, when setting up a business, building a strong presence online is a must. Think about the different ways of reaching out people and know about your brand. Branding for startups is an entirely different thing. And you must act upon this sensibly enough to assist your business set up a niche for itself.

These days, social media is ruling the roost in the marketing field. If you want your startup to touch the sky, social media presence is a must.

Listen to the Audience

Once finalizing the appropriate platform for your brand, start garnering interest in your products and services using the useful content. Listen and respond to all the feedback and queries your audience. Making them feel that they’re being cared and heard are very important, as it’ll make them feel that they’re a crucial part of your business, and their opinions and experience really matters. Many times, it happens that although the products or services are good and is efficient to meet the need of customers, a bad experience with a company can make them look elsewhere. And remember, there is always the other company who is willing to satisfy by doing a bit more that what you did, and customers will always be on the search for that next ‘good thing’.

Serve a Community Using Social Media

Today, social media platform has made it easy to develop and foster both small as well as large communities over your business and inspires your customers for sharing their ideas, thoughts, feedback, and assist each other troubleshoot, and you don’t need to be involved directly 100% of the time.

You can use social media to interact with your customers, and make them feel that they’re not only being listened, but you do really care about their experience with your offered products and services. You should respond as quickly as possible addressing all the issues so that the community remarks an impression that you really care about your customers, and will do everything to make it right for your customers. Responding to every review or comment, no matter it’s a positive or a negative one, will help you earn lots of credibility.

Marketing Swiss-Army Knife?

Social media can’t answer to everything when it comes to marketing and they’ve some imperfection as well, similar to every other option when it’s about selling and promoting your offered products or services online, but undoubtedly they’re a genuine powerhouse of options. Options like what customers are looking for and what you can do to offer them the best of. Don’t narrow down your focus on social networking platforms when you can bring up customers easily on the go, anywhere, anytime and use the available customizable and ready-made tools to let the customer experience the feel you would want to feel if you were in their shoes.

About the Author

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is a Digital Marketing Expert & SEO consultant in India with 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing & SEO. He has expertise in promoting websites and youtube videos Globally and locally using the latest digital marketing techniques and SEO methods.

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