According to a fact : “More than 80% of web traffic will be video by 2019”. That means 80% customers will spend their time online watching videos. If you are not into video marketing, this is the time to think about it. Every major brand or company is using it and it turns out beneficial with much more scope for improvement as future will be of video marketing. If you are not advertising your product through video marketing, don’t just go for a video without a strategy. You need a plan that will increase your chances of getting a better sale or reaching to a lot of people. Here are 10 reasons your brand need a video marketing strategy :pexels-photo-copy

Video Convert users Better than any other Medium.
Videos are the best digital marketing medium by far. They provide a lot of useful information a user is looking for in short period of time. Many companies showcase their video on the homepage of their website. 70% market experts agree that video performs better than any other medium. Age of reading long written blogs is gone. People like to watch all that information in a 2 min video. Your video can be the key to turning viewers into customers.

Youtube referrals drive sales.
Many people used to think videos only increases engagement they don’t expect any sales from them. But the average revenue per visit is from Youtube is $70. Youtube has third-highest conversion rates among all social networking sites. Certain industries receive a significant no. of orders through Youtube referrals.

Videos Allows you to tell your Story.
Storytelling is much older marketing technique than marketing itself. You can keep your videos simple and engaging by producing a simple and relevant story format video. In a 2 min video you can tell all about yourself what you do, your motto, your company values, how your primary target is customer’ satisfaction. Your video must be informative, interesting, attention capturing and short.

Video is Good at Selling.
When customers are looking for some authentic items to purchase online, they rely on Brand’s video. Your products can’t speak for themselves. When dealing with a customer live, standing behind your counter, you can advertise your product. But this is the time for e-commerce. Everything is sold online at present times. So you can compliment your product by attaching a video to your website that describes the quality of your brand. This is all customers are looking for.

A Video lasts longer than other Contents.
Once you produce a video it can be used for 2-3 years before refreshing or reproducing it. While an article or webpage needs to be updated every six months. So you need to produce a well-suited video once for your product and you can rely on it for 2-3 years without paying much further attention to it. Videos are also shared more on social networks than any other media like a webpage.

Video Content has great SEO Value.
We all have experienced that Google and other search engines often shows video results on top, when we search for something. Those video links are not only from youtube but are from direct your website. There are chances that somebody has written about your product and services but not many are producing videos. That gives you an edge over the competition. SEO also depends on keywords used and Title tag information. You can have help in that area but having a video puts you far ahead of the competition.

Video builds Trust.
The whole concept of content marketing is about building trust and creating long-term relationships. Stop telling people about your product and let them come and found you through an informative and engaging video. Promotional videos are good in building trust. What people can’t find out while shopping online is that the product is trustworthy and reliable or not. You can add a testimonial video of satisfied customers. That builds trust among people that your products and services are reliable.

Video appeals to Mobile Users.
We all agree to the fact that not as many people use computers for online searches as there are mobile users. Mobile users often watch videos rather than other stuff. From 2012-2014 mobile video, views have increased by 400%. It helps you reach to a lot of people and increase in sales. Smartphone users are more in numbers than TV or desktop users. So having a video directly helps you to reach a lot of people in comparison of TV commercials.

People look for Video Content.
With better internet services, people like to surf videos. They don’t care about their favorite show going live on TV as they can watch it later at the feasible time. Users even don’t want a quick 2 min tutorial, they want a fully comprehensive view of what interest them. Producing a video will help you reach your audience in every way they want.

Video is Social.
Social media is not all about text updates anymore. There are videos all over there. Every time we open our facebook or twitter account, we get to see promotional and another type of videos. You can promote your video at social networking sites and reach your target audience easily.

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